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FTP reviews

Step 6. Uploading and Testing Your Website

  • FTP or SSH/Telnet?
    Most webmasters  use FTP or "File Transfer Protocol" programs to upload their webpages and other files to their hosted server. FTP clients are very easy to use, and are accepted by almost all hosting companies.  They are also buit into better html editors like Frontpage and Dreamweaver, so you can literally write  page save it and press a "publish" button.
    • Where to get the programs
      If you use a built-in FTP client in your html editor, you don't need to buy or download anything else.  There are advantages to stand alone FTP programs, too, so here is a list of free and inexpensive FTP clients and links to download them.
    • How to use them
  • Testing and debugging
    Common pitfalls to look for
    Checking your links

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