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Looking for a way to put a web site on the internet?  You need a web hosting company.  Depending upon your needs, there are many choices.  My top picks are:

BlueHost and

Criteria Choice of web hosting company Sample web sites

If paid annually: $7.95/mo, Free Setup, Total $95.40

2000 MB storage, 75 GB bandwidth monthly

They use cpanel cpanel and Fantasico, with many scripts installed

Overall best for a single website, especially if this is your first website


See the review at 

Pretty good:  40 GB monthly bandwidth, 800 MB storage, support forum, web stats


PHP MyAdmin: 

Forum support:    51937

Path to Perl: /usr/bin/perl

For more information click on the banner below (no obligation, hassle or emails, it is just their information page of the website): 
Best for prototyping multiple websites, but more limited features than Lunarpages


$11.85/month if you prepay a year - and that allows you to host up to 10 different domains!!!! Effectively only $1.18 per web site per month!

See the review at:

Their web site is:

3000 MB of storage, 80 GB of monthly bandwidth, 20 mailing listss, unlimited MySQL dbs etc.  GREAT for web developers.

Web control panel (cpanel)  - fast insecure interface  - slow secure interface
Very High bandwidth, lots of storage space, but limited features HostSave


  Standard Max
Price (w/Annual Pre-Pay)
Also get 1 month FREE
$7.95/mo $11.95/mo
Price (if paid monthly) $8.95 $12.95
Domain Name Transfer FREE FREE
Domain Name Registration $8.95/yr $8.95/yr
Disk space 1000 MB 2000 MB
Data transfer 100 GB 200 GB
Mailboxes 500 1000
MySQL 100MB 200MB

pico - 225728


Not Recommended DreamHost

If paid annually: $9.95/mo, Free Setup, Total $95.40

2000 MB storage, 120 GB bandwidth monthly

Huge amount of storage space and monthly bandwidth, but they don't use cpanel (they made their own control panel, which may be good, but it does not include Fantastico.  They had few installed scripts, so you would have to install your own.  Not for a novice.


High bandwidth, lots of storage space and good features, but max is 5 gig/day, good if you never exceed 5gig in any one day.


$7.77/month, 150 GB monthly bandwidth (up to % GB every day), 1000 MB storage, support forum, web stats

See a review at:

Support links: 

PHP Login: 

Support forum:       176588

Ops center: 

Not recommended

$7.95/month, free domain name or transfer

50 MB storage, 1 GB/month bandwidth, No MySQL databases. Autoresponder, email forwarding, unlimited email addresses

for $9.95/month: same but 100 MB storage and 4 GB bandwidth    51936  
 This web site!
Loks good, but I've never used them


$7.50/month, free domain name or transfer

2000 MB storage, 60 GB/month bandwidth, unlimited MySQL databases. See Review at 

Another close second best, but I haven't tried them yet


$7.95/month, free domain name or transfer

800 MB storage, 40 GB/month bandwidth, 3 MySQL databases. Autoresponder, email forwarding, 400 email accts. See Review at 

High reliability, but very pricey


sitecontrol login.  Also expensive.

Dirt Cheap - If that is your main criteria, for a small, simple web site
Only choose this one if cheap is your only criteria.  I don't use them any more, myself. They were too unreliable, too much down time.

Web site tools Excellent and inexpensive search engine promotion and other tools
GoDaddy Great for domain name registrations - cheap and they do a good job! Domain registrar - pyo   Domain registrar PYOuk   Domain registrar - more expensive than GoDaddy, but also good. Payment engines - shopping carts  PHP scripts  Free Site monitoring tools Scripts
webmonkey php-mysql-apache tutorial WebMonkey PHP / MySQL tutorial tutorials and info




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